Saturday, 1 December 2007

Gosh ! December already ?

Spent yesterday driving down to Kent and acting as a removal man for my sister, Clare and niece, Jessica. They only moved about quarter of a mile but had a fair bit of gear to shift. The washing machine was the worst part. In the evening we had a bit of a housewarming. My mum, Rona, sisters Jane and Lizzie and brother-in-law Nigel were there too. Worst part was driving back up the motorways (M2 & M25) in the pouring rain and high wind. The lorries were sending up such a lot of spray I just couldn't see even with the wipers going full speed - thought I was going to die any second.

Today we've bought a wireless router and now have our own broadband connection. So no more nicking it from outside in the road ! no more piggy-backing ! no more cursing when the neighbours go away and switch it off !

Dave Elliot came round with Mk2 of the Pole Lathe Drive (see photo). It worked quite well but still needs a few refinements. Watch this space.

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