Tuesday, 13 July 2021


Great hand tools - you can never have enough and these were given by a neighbour in a cracking good box. Clamps, a few more to have hanging around open at different intervals all ready to go is excellent.  Not sure when I'll use the Stilson but it's a magnificent specimen - Vanessa came up with a few suggestions for politicians but we'll go no further on those! There's a good Record convex sole spokeshave A151 and a Record scraper plane 080. I gave both these a workout and they needed very little work doing just a good sharpen.  If you haven't already got a curved sole spokeshave in your kit you should try one out - marvelous - perfect for shaving legs.

Really smooth sole - previous owner looked after his tools more than most folks do. I'd not used one of these before and I was actually quite pleased with the result













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