Saturday, 20 July 2019


So much to do, 24 hours in a day is just not enough!  A busy week up in Yorkshire with Countryside Learning at their annual event for inner city kids up North (well from us in Essex that is) and we stayed in a B&B in Sherburn in Elmet - locally called Sherbert in Helmet but that's just a little mad play on words or malapropism that we're so fond of here.
Two days of full on excited children - it's a really great way for them to learn by doing.  Torque, reciprocation, use of pulleys and your own muscles all created an electric atmosphere that's so hard to bottle and take home.
Miss was particularly excited as she hadn't done anything like this before and like her pupils welcomed the chance for a day out of the classroom.

We decided to support the local community, that's why we stayed in a small B&B, it was a stay to remember!  Mine hosts were very friendly but the rooms hadn't been updated since the late 60ies according to my wife who was slightly taken aback to say the least.  It was very dog friendly with plenty of cats for chasing activities and I don't think our lurcher noticed the lack of amenities.  Vanessa commented that she'd never seen 4 miss-matched pillowcases on one bed before and that the ceiling shades were from standard lamps And the curtains were far too short, linings ripped and at least a dozen more curtain hooks were needed.  Formica furniture and the wash hand basin was in the bedroom at least 15 foot from the khazi much to her chagrin.  Next time we're staying in a Travelodge and sod the local community!  We'll still go to Sherbert for fantastic food but although the host and hostess were lovely, Vanessa says she needs a comfortable bed, shower that showers, nice crisp bedlinen (not odds & sods worn out over the last 50 years) and fluffy towels and that did not include a detour to somewhere akin to Royston Vesey!  She said in the 21st Century even a bodger needs to take care of the inner spirit and soul...

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