Saturday, 9 April 2016

Woodland Work Shop - Nature's Therapy


There's something of an ethereal quality about sitting with a log and shaving off the bark that allows a tranquillity to descend upon the whole of your being.  This was a wonderful day with us all just breathing in the atmosphere and working companionably on our different projects.   It was decided that this stool would be made using seasoned shaved poles - not my decision so the work was fairly tough going for a novice woodworker.  Many cups of tea with biscuits make the work go more smoothly and give you a chance to review your progress.

I was making another chopping block and I always get a thrill when legging up.

As soon as I've drilled a hole I like to fit a leg into position - gives you a good eyeing up guide for your auger and helps to keep the angles right for a good splay on the legs.   I've been making more of these so I've got a selection to choose from, no matter the height of the log, I've got a block that will allow me to work comfortably without the need to bend at awkward levels to accommodate the axe work.  And looking at the state of that club I'd better get busy doing more of those.

And there we have it - last picture of the day with an honorary sunbeam.  We all felt great, although there were some weary arms, and I stayed for another hour or so to sharpen the tools and get the fire blazing for one last brew before returning home for a well deserved glass of home made wine and broth with dumplings... 



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