Sunday, 7 October 2012

Colour causes Outrage

We had a drive into Suffolk on a lovely sunny Saturday.  We came across the old Savoy cinema (built 1916) on the way back through Halstead, which is on the Suffolk/Essex borders.  It's been given a rather colourful paint job by the previous owners which has caused outrage in the town.

The old Savoy Cinema, Halstead, Essex

Jackie Pell, Halstead Town councillor, said: “It’s as if they had a job lot of odd paint. It looks like Toytown. It’s absolutely awful!
“I have had a lady stop me in the street and ask me what I was going to do about it. It needs to be seen to be believed.”
It closed down as a cinema in 1963 and became a Chinese takeaway until recently becoming a kids playgroup which has moved away - now it's empty.
Personally I think it looks great and I'd love to have it as a shop and studio. 

We need more colour in our lives, people seem to be afraid of it.


Gorges Smythe said...

I'm afraid I disagree with you on this one. The color is only a disgrace because of the style and the history of the building, though. On a newer, more naturally bland building, it might be fine.

John G said...

Those who don't like it could purchase the property, then repaint it as desired. Otherwise, they can look the other way or put up a fence on their own property.

Mark said...

looks good to me, far far better than the drab and soulless buildings that normally adorn our towns and cities

David Stovell said...

Ah Robin, I live just outside of Halstead, should have popped in for a cuppa

Robin Fawcett said...

We'll take a rain check on that cuppa Dave! Next time...