Saturday, 14 July 2012

Bench Hook

I think the humble Bench Hook is a useful item to have in the workshop and also enables you to work on the kitchen table - if you're allowed.  Made from any old bit of board (could be chipboard or mdf) with a batten fixed at either end as a stop to hold the work against.  The battens are about 1" narrower than the board so that when sawing you don't hit the table or bench.  Left handers, leave the gap on the left hand side.
I used to screw the battens on until I hit the screw on an old, well used one with a nice sharp chisel and took a big lump out of the edge.  Now I glue and cramp them and run a couple of dowels through when dry.
Good for wasting wood off spoons with a chisel and handy for sawing up and sharpening my twig pencils and crayons.

Make one now if you haven't already got one.


Mark said...

I use one all the time, even have a couple of adapted ones, one for the shave horse, so i can use the slope as a level but albeit small work surface and another that has the lower block placed in the middle of the underside so it can be clamped into a workmate.

Wouldnt be without any of mine

Gorges Smythe said...

One of a woodworker's first tools - turns even a concrete porch into a shop!

Keith said...

Good one. I posted your link on my blog.
Regards, Keith.

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