Thursday, 10 November 2011


Had some enquiries from regular blog readers wondering why there hasn't been much action here lately (Hi Bob & James).  Several reasons...
1.  Going through a period of being fed up and bored of computers etc.
2.  Building work still going on although it's nearly finished.  Too boring to write about but we now have a kitchen sink and will have an oven and hob today.
3.  Trapped sciatic nerve or slipped a disc picking up a worktop awkwardly - been living on painkillers.

Apart from that everything's OK.  Nic Westermann sent me some more spoon knife blades  for evaluation which I hate to admit I haven't tried out properly yet.  These aren't laminated and are around half the price.

Can't believe it's a year since my Dad died, time seems to pass so quickly.  We had a family get together at my sisters' in Canterbury at the weekend...


Gorges Smythe said...

Good to hear from you. Hope you get back to posting soon.

Wannabe Teacher! said...

Good about your kitchen nearly being done! Bet it will be nice when its finished.
I hope that sciatic nerve or slipped disc gets better soon! other than that I hope your both ok
I can't believe his been gone a year either. Time does go way too fast

Anonymous said...

My back is in trouble too, Rob. Torn muscle. You have my sympathies but not my nurofen.

Steve Gibson said...

Hope you get better soon

Regards Steve Gibson.