Wednesday, 27 July 2011


This booklet was my first introduction to spoon carving.
I met Eric soon afterwards and he gave me more pointers and tips.  I've spent many an enjoyable hour carving spoons since...
I was inspired to make the one on the book after seeing Barn's last blog.  OK I know it looks nothing like his but they both have the same sort of lineage.  Probably the handle's too fat where it meets the bowl.  I think it's a good design to teach as a first spoon as there aren't too many changes of grain direction to deal with - the thing most people come unstuck on when starting to carve spoons.

I'm not mad keen on straight lines in spoons and prefer the design I've been refining for a while now...

The first Lubeck style I made (which seems a bit uptight, handle too long) with a couple of my design in Cherry and Yew.  Interestingly the bowl on mine is an inversion of the medieval style spoon.  I think of this shape as 'avocado stone' - plectrum shape is also a favourite. 

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Barn the Spoon said...

nice one,love the spoon! and i love eric rogers little booklet, i met him a couple of years ago at the bodgers ball and was absolutely amazed when i discovered his age, he looks and behaves 25 yrs his junior! he showed me chip carving techniques which was fascinating and a great help. on my facebook in the arts house album i've got a similar octagonal spoon to yours in as much as it's got smooth curves not "cut ins" at the neck. Spoon On!