Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Forest News

The Forest is looking great at the moment in it's new cloak of Spring greens.

We often come across Ray Mears style shelters but never a ladder before.
Of course I had to climb it...

Got close enough to photograph this dragonfly basking in the sun on a Hornbeam.
There were a lot around considering it's still quite early in the year.

 A sight I've never seen before is this thick layer of Beech blossom carpeting the Forest floor.  I suppose it's a combination of the very dry conditions this Spring (please rain soon, but not this weekend!) and the high winds we've had lately.


Plutus said...

Hi Robin. Been a long time, hope all is well! Your Beech blossom carpet is very similar to my lawn right now - a thick carpet of seed from the two large London Plane trees covering my plot. Is Beech as bad for allergies as Plane? We've certainly been suffering this last week.

Gorges Smythe said...

It appears the ladder does the trick.