Saturday, 15 January 2011

Cherry Picking Ladder on The Edwardian Farm

Did anyone else manage to catch Stuart King's "blink and you miss it" appearance on The Edwardian Farm the other evening?
Stuart on the right with Ben Langlands, presenter
He's using a pole lathe to make some new rungs for a Devon style cherry picking ladder.

See it on BBC iPlayer here.  Stuart's bit lasts from 9.18-11.08 - I bet he spent all day filming for that little part!

One thing I noticed is how the cord rubs across the edge of the bed.  It wouldn't have lasted long if he had been making ladder rungs all day.


Sean Hellman said...

Have not got around to watching that one yet, just watched Stuarts slot, great to see him on the TV. Lion TV asked me if I would make and repair some ladders. I think they gave me about 3 days notice and I was busy at the time. So Stuart must have got down there at very short notice. Not sure if I would use old repaired ladders, obviously the repaired bits are fine, but what about the rest.

Anonymous said...

It is a rather wide old lathe bed, wonder why. Perhaps to sleep on in emergency?

Robin Wood said...

I spent a hectic few days chatting with Alex about that project too. I had a lot of info from Stanley Clark a retired ladder maker.

It was all too short notice and too far for me though.