Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Conker Festival

This is the view we had on Sunday at our gig at the Hampstead Conker Festival.  It was held on Parliament Hill Fields in the south east corner of Hampstead Heath.
(That building between the Gerkin and Canary Wharf looks like it going to be a biggie.)

As a child I used to race to the conker trees to try and get the biggest and best but now they're mainly just left on the ground - I still can't resist picking some up.
Not sure who won but it was a beautiful sunny day and hordes of people came out.  We were a bit inundated and it was quite difficult to pack up at 4 o'clock.

I still haven't got a camera so I've 'borrowed' these images off the net.


Keith said...

This post invikes very pleasant memories. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Le Loup -- but it's all sooo long ago !!


Anonymous said...

And for me too, Robin. I still collect them with no real purpose other than have them.

Also makes me miss autumn days on the heath and lunch at Kenwood House on a Sunday...

Anonymous said...

For me too, Robin. There's nothing quite like finding the monster conker.

It also makes me miss the Heath. Autumn days wandering around, and lunch at Kenwood on a Sunday...

Once saw and chatted to Will Self in the carpark.

TrevorTaw said...

Oh, I'm sad to have missed this. Sounds great.

I remember collecting hundreds one year and, having stored them in a plastic bag indoors for a while, (probably having used 1 or 2 for playing conkers) my parents threw them out into a dark corner of the garden. The following year we have loads of young chestnuts spring up behind a shed!