Monday, 20 September 2010

Countryside Live x2

Looks like someone was enjoying herself having a go on the lathe yesterday at Highgate Wood.

We're going to the Lee Valley Park to do Countryside Live for the kids on Wednesday and Thursday then we're going back on Saturday and Sunday when it will be open to the public (£3 - free for kids).

We've decided to donate these to the Countryside Foundation for Education for their auction. 
I made them ages ago as a prop for the stall with Lime from Syon Park.  They've served us well but I think it's time to make some new things.


Mom & Pop Wood Shop said...

How wonderful. I love these.

James Crwoley said...

So what new ones are you bringing to Ledston then?


Blimey James you really have been reading back...

Not sure yet, I'll have a think about it.