Thursday, 26 August 2010

Goblet turning & Tool Sharpening

Chris came yesterday and had a go at making a goblet - a first on one of my courses...

I had to find the goblet hooks and give them a sharpen as it's not something I've done for a few years.  I'd forgotten the bit about squinting one-eyed into the goblet at a tool edge you can hardly see!  Well done Chris.

Tom came on a sharpening course on Tuesday with a variety of chisels, knives, slashers, machetes, scythes and axes all of which went home with him 100% sharper than they had been.  We also managed to make a new handle for a lovely old pair of shears and sharpen them.  Unfortunately I forgot about the camera so there are no pics.


Unknown said...

I'd love to see your Goblet hooks. I am gathering information and tools for eventually pole lathe turning here.

I've got a couple of bowl hooks, but not sure what a goblet hook looks like. Also, what is different about turning a goblet on a pole lathe?


Robin Fawcett said...

Where is "here" Brander?

Goblet hooks are like tiny bowl hooks and goblets are turned as for spindle work.

Unknown said...

Here being Northwest US.

Robin Fawcett said...

Brander - Have you looked on the Bodgers Forum? Quite a bit of info there on all aspects of pole lathe turning.

Just type a word (like goblet) into the search box.