Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Tree Graffiti

I suppose it's traditional for lovers to carve their initials into the bark of trees - it does seem to grow over in time and, if the dates are correct, we've seen some quite old ones.

A group of Beech pollards near The Lost Pond seem to have become a sort of Wailing Wall of the Forest - some of these are quite high up.


This is a nice one again quite high up and in a different area where a load of witchy things like pentagrams etc. have been cut.

Folk do believe some strange things and there's no point moralizing or getting angry - the Forest's pretty big and resilient.

Slightly more worrying are the huge letters and symbols sprayed in florescent colours which are appearing all over the Forest.  They are very annoying, unnatural and intrusive and pointless.  I've got an idea it's part of some 'piece' of conceptual art in the Saatchi School of Art type mould.  So I'm not giving it any creedence.

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Jeff said...

Yes, beech seems to be the most susceptible to the carving due to the smooth bark. I will even admit, though in shame, that I added my initials and that of my first "crush" at age 14 to a beech in a park near my childhood home. The tree happened to survive and still stands some 35 years later.