Friday, 26 September 2008

Countryside Live (London)

The last couple of years this event has been held at the Lee Valley Park showground at Waltham Abbey - quite handy for us ! Well the 2012 Olympic Canoeing events are going to be held there so we had to crawl down to Leytonstone (only 12 miles but it takes an hour). The weather was gorgeous as it was earlier in the year. I think everyone had a great time - the kids were really good.

On the stand next to ours . . .

Before the onslaught

. . . a lady was showing kids how to make these funky sheep

A beautiful acer "Senkaki" doing it's Autumn thing in our garden at the moment.

Going up to Highwood Country Park in Colchester on Sunday for their 21st Birthday event.

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miss rika said...

What I'd give to be doing what you're doing right now--unfortunately, today, I'm stuck in the basement doing laundry and trying not to let my allergies get the better of me. The booth looks delightful. You are completely recovered, I hope?