Sunday, 27 January 2008

Rushlight holders

Today a guy and his wife came up from Surrey for me to make some holders for some of their rushlight collection. The new ones are made from ash, yew and beech and were interesting and challenging to turn - up to almost 4" diameter. He was very pleased with my efforts and said they already looked old.

Rushlights were used as an alternative to candles (d.i.y - cheaper) and were made by peeling a strip down the rush to expose the pith and soaking it in any kind of fat. This is held in the tong device which grips the rush and it is counterweighted to stay shut. Some of the ones in the picture have a candle holder as the counterweight.
Apparently they aren't as smoky and smelly as I had heard !

Yesterday was the last beat of the season at Gaynes Park got rosy cheeks and some birds to eat.

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