Wednesday, 17 October 2007


Today we had a look at the bees. Probably the last of the year. We'll leave them to collect the nectar from the ivy, which is their last crop of the year, and that will see them through the winter.
We have to get rid of one hive. We only want enough honey for us and I haven't kept track of the amount we've robbed from them this year but it's coming out of our ears. There's jars, pots, tubs and buckets of honey everywhere even though we've given quite a lot away. And wax too - I'm going to start making up some polish from it during the close season.
The thing about extracting the honey is that it is a hot and sticky business. Last time we were a bit late and the honey had gone hard in the comb so we couldn't use the extractor (like a centrifuge). Instead we had to cut all the comb out of the frames, melt it all down (not too hot), separate the wax from the honey and strain it.
Too much.
So - one hive has to go.

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